Evening Talks


Monday 14 January 2019 Tom Beech at 7pm

The Importance of Bodywork for Horses

There are many reasons why a horse may not be performing as you would like.  One very common reason is that the horse or pony is in physical discomfort.  In this talk we will discuss practical steps you can take to identify when your horse is  uncomfortable and what you can do about it.  
Tom Beech is a Veterinary Surgeon and a qualified Equine Osteopath. He is interested in looking at the bigger picture and offers a whole-horse approach to the evaluation and treatment. As a result you will get some insights that will cause you to look at the horse in a different way.
We will also be discussing the importance of good equine nutrition during this evening and how to check your ingredients so that you know exactly what you are feeding. 


Wednesday 13 February 2019 Marion Watt and Lorraine Dearnley at 7pm

Stomach ulcers and hindgut issues in horses.

This talk is about gastric ulcers and hind gut disfunction, how they affect performance, soundness and behaviour.  We will be looking at common causes of gastrointestinal problems, prevention and ongoing management.

This evening is going to be packed full with all sorts of information about ulcers from two professionals with personal experience with healing and ongoing maintenance of horses prone to ulcers and gut problems.  As 70% of horses are affected by these problems this is an important evening for all horse owners. 



Wednesday 6 March 2019 Amanda Barton and Marion Watt at 7pm

A fun, interactive evening of anatomy and biomechanics

This talk looks at the correct movement of the horse for long term soundness and effective performance.  This is an interactive evening where you will be getting messy painting horses yourselves to identify major muscle groups and parts of the skeleton. We will talk about how muscles need to work and develop in correct movement. You will also go away with a knowledge of some great exercises for strengthening and rehabilitation of horses.



Wednesday 17 April 2019 Russell Guire at 5pm (7pm for Evening talk only)

How Rider Position Affects Equine Biomechanics 

Riding has a dramatic effect on the soundness, performance and development of the horse. Russell runs sessions for riders of all levels to help improve the rider’s position and horse’s way of going. For more than a decade he has been working with Team GB to provide video and biomechanical analysis. 
If you have ever wondered about any of these questions then this is the talk for you:
  • Why does my horse go better on one rein than the other ?
  • How can my horse and I be more symmetrical ?
  • How can we perform at a higher level in 2019 ?
Russell is an accomplished Dressage rider who has been placed at BD National Championships.  Previously he has showjumped to a high level and his work with the World Class Performance squad has him working with all disciplines. His sympathetic and understanding approach mean that he’s also very effective working with hobby riders and grass roots level riders.
There is a Rider Analysis session with Russell at 5pm following by Evening Talk at 7pm.  For Pony Club and BE CPD coaches need to select the CPD option running from 5pm – 9pm
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