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What is Movement Intelligence?

What to expect if you join a class

By Claire Pier

What is Movement Intelligence?

Movement Intelligence is a unique and ongoing body of work developed by myself, Claire Pier through 40 years of Movement practice, in depth study and teaching.

By using body mapping, breath and a sound understanding of the primal movement patterns, I teach you movement and alignment through the language of “physical sensation feedback”

We cannot “think” our way to correcting and developing movement and alignment. We have to “feel” our way there. Through verbal instruction and hands on assistance in class we develop a much more refined, deeper understanding of how the body communicates with us through connection. This enables us to become aware of our habitual tendencies and to refine, change and improve them.

We learn to find the foundations of the feet, hands and seat. Understand how these influence the use of the hip joints and the spine. We learn how to work with the mid-line of the body. To balance out the pulling and pushing mechanisms of the limbs and to create dynamnic use of the core in the fullest sense. We learn to recognise excessive patterns of tension in the body and how these restrict the natural cooperation of dynamic movement and posturing . We take an in depth look at breath patterns, how these relate to our alignment and ensure we know how to use the breath as a versatile tool for various scenarios.
We learn to develop a greater relationship with gravity, how it influences us and how to use it to work the body correctly.
We become clearer with how to initiate and control movement patterns and to read the feedback loop that our body offers up with more accuracy.

In short, you will develop your physical intelligence to a whole new level. Whilst learning more about your body and how to get the best from it with less effort and more accuracy.
Finally, you will learn strategies to care for your body and mind and understand the effects of stress, fear and anxiety on both posture and movement patterns.

What do classes involve?

This is a mat based class which will involve you standing, getting down onto the floor and back up again. We work in various positions such as lying on front, side and back, kneeling etc. If you feel that this is not possible for you then please contact me to work on a one to one basis intially. This enables me to establish with you whether the group class environmant will be suitable.

We also use chairs and some small equipment such as blankets, stretch bands, balls and foam rollers.

Each week we will have a particular point of focus.

This will be explained to you at the start of the lesson.

Max no. of participants is 8. This ensures high quality learning environment and adequate space to move. Space is important!


An open mind and curiosity to explore movement in a new way.

A Mat (yoga mat is best)

A Blanket (Fleece is best)

Loose fitting comfortable clothes/ or lycra leggings etc.

Layers as your body temperature will change depending on what we are doing.

Socks or bare feet.

Please switch off your phone whilst in class.


Riding is a complex interdependent feedback loop between horse and rider. Developing a more refined sense of “physical sensation feedback” in your own body will enable you to take more responsibility for the clarity of feedback you offer your horse and to interpret more clearly what is occurring to enable you to “self correct” more effectively.

Classes will also enable you to understand with much more awareness the alignment of your skeleton in action and how to use your mid-line as a reference. How you initiate and manage movement patterns and the range of movement required to sit in the saddle.

Riding is a truly unique requirement for the body. Unlike any other sport or activity bio-mechanically. In my experience, most riders I have worked with, struggle with the range of movement required in key joints of the body and the postural awareness and stamina required to take responsibility for their own physicality.

Many of the issues experienced can be worked with off the saddle. However, it is obviously really important to apply what is learned in classes in the saddle to gain maximum benefit.

Amanda Barton and I are looking to develop this transition as an ongoing area of enquiry. We are both excited to see where our own areas of expertise can blend and cross over to offer the highest standard possible of coaching both in and out of the saddle. As i mentioned at the beginning of this email! This body of work is a lifelong study and I am always looking to ways in which I can become a more effective movement educator. So you are really a vital aspect of this live movement education experience. Your participation matters and is greatly valued. Your feedback is really key. Monitoring how the classes influence your riding and sharing this will enable the us to refine even further the class syllabus.

Movement Intelligence classes are a commitment to learning. As such you need to be ready to make regular attendance to weekly class part of your routine.

The courses will be developmental, building on the movement and alignment principles that are introduced week by week.

As with anything we endeavor to learn, practice is key.

The classes take place on Mondays @ 13:30 – 14:30.

You are welcome to come and attend a class initially to decide if this work is for you. After which you will be asked to commit to 4 weeks of lessons paid in advance to secure your place. The classes run in 4 week blocks. It is fine to join part way through a block. The cost is £48 for 4 x lessons. Your initial trial class is £12.

Payment is made to Amanda Barton either with CASH or BACS. Please contact Amanda to arrange payment. She will forward her bank details to you once confirming space.

Amanda can be contacted via her contacts page on the website. Please click To find out more about my work and Bio please visit my FACEBOOK page here:


Please like the page to keep up to date with the work that I offer.

Directions for Tilefield Equestrian can be found at this link:

I look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Claire Pier x

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