Visiting Clinicians

Jayne Davidson - Horse and Rider Confidence

From Fear to Fun
1 Day Confidence workshop
with Jayne Davidson of Horse and Rider Confidence
Saturday 8 April at Tilefield Equestrian from 10am until 3pm
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A day for you to understand what is causing you to feel the way you do. To change your thinking and experience of riding so that you can look forward to riding with excitement rather than worry and fear.

By gaining clarity on what is causing you to feel the way you do we can easily and gently change your thinking patterns. Old worries can be removed and a new, positive way forward can become your reality.

Whatever your struggles, whether that is getting on, to be able to enjoy hacking, trot to canter, going out to competition, putting an accident behind you or a general feeling that you are not able to make progress, this day is for you.

Learn how to change your thinking, have the tools to help you and be motivated to put your new skills into action.

The day will be very practical with a series of hands on exercises.

Tea and coffee, biscuits and cakes provided, please bring a picnic lunch.

 Cost £75

Elsa Sinclair - Freedom Based Training

4 day clinic with Elsa Sinclair
on 20 – 23 July 2023 and 
Evening Talk at 7pm on Wednesday 19 July at Tilefield Equestrian (Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hants, UK) Click here for Directions 
During this evening talk and 4 day clinic Elsa will take you on a personal journey to help you to build a deeper bond with your horse.
Elsa became well known for a film she made about the training of a wild mustang, Myrnah.  She wanted to see if it was possible to ride a wild horse without using any tools or force during the training process. The film is called Taming Wild.

“What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Without force or tools to control, and without bribes to lure them?”

During her year of experimental training with Myrnah, Elsa says that she learned more about horses and about herself than in all her 25 years of prior equine experience.
The film “Taming Wild” was followed by a second film “Taming Wild – Pura Vida”.  These films and Elsa’s subsequent work has led to her teaching clinics around the world and to a specialized program called Freedom Based Training® to help pass on what she learnt to students.
Clinic details
Date: 20 – 23 July 
Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Prices: ‘Riding’ place £650 for the weekend, Spectators £120 for 4 days, £75 for 2 days or £40 for 1 day. 
Stabling: is available for horses at a cost of £20/night – I cannot guarantee turnout as this is dependent on numbers & weather.  Please bring hay for your horse
Catering: Tea and Coffee is available all day, please bring a picnic with you. There is food available in Brockenhurst village which is a 5 min drive
Accommodation: Camping or staying in lorries is possible only for riding particiapants.  There is a B&B over the road from the venue, please contact me for details. There is also a great deal of local accommodation available in the National Park please check this on or
Evening Talk details
Date: 19 July 2023 
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Prices: £15
Catering: Tea and Coffee is available