Children’s Pony Tack Workbook – Week 2

Children's Pony Work Book - Tack Week 2

By Amanda Barton

Here is the second of my Children’s Workbooks, this week it is all about the saddle and bridle.  There are lots of puzzles and worksheets all to do with learning the names of the parts of the saddle and bridle.  There is also some colouring and a range of activities for younger children through to a more challenging word search and some information about saddles around the world for older children. 

I am not charging for this workbook, its simply my hope that this will be helpful to you during this time while we are locked down and spending more time that usual at home.  However, I would love it if you could make a donation to charity if you have enjoyed this workbook or think that is has a value.  I would like to support the Southampton Hospital Charity and the groundbreaking work the hospital is doing to improve PPE for medical staff during the Cornavirus outbreak. I have set up a Just giving page at this link which will donate directly to the Charity.  Thank you!


If you click on the image of the workbook it will download the PDF 


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