Over the last 15 years, Amanda has found that clinics are the most effective way for riders and horses to progress. In a clinic, riders arrive for a dismounted meeting on the morning of the first day and share information about their goals. They work with Amanda individually and all participants are welcome to watch sessions.  There are review meetings and dismounted sessions to go deeper into topics that are chosen by the whole group.

This approach provides time to absorb the content of the individual sessions as well as an opportunity to review different problems and their solutions. It also creates a very supportive environment where participants learn from each other.  Right from the outset of every clinic we encourage a very positive environment to support all the participants.

The result is that riders leave a clinic with more knowledge than they would gain from a private coaching session.

Clinics are also a lot more fun than private coaching. They put like-minded people together and often lead to long lasting friendships.

What sort of topics are covered in clinics?

The topics addressed in a clinic are determined by the participants so they are very varied. The following are examples from recent clinics. 

  • Exercises to assist a young horse in the first few months of work
  • Assistance to improve the way of going for a horse who is heavy on the bit and “hollow”
  • Help with suitable pole work exercises for an older horse to rehabilitate and injury
  • Assistance with a dressage pattern soon to be ridden at a competition
  • To rebuild rider confidence after a fall
  • To learn how to long line an unbacked horse 
  • To improve the canter work and consistency in picking up leads
  • To help a horse to travel straight who is consistently falling onto one shoulder. 
  • To help a horse who is rushing into a jump

Clinics in Europe

Amanda teaches clinics in Denmark, Austria and Germany. 

Clinics with visiting specialists

We offer clinics with specialists such as Russell Guire as well as joint clinics with Claire Pier and Amanda Barton.

Endurance Clinics

As a keen Endurance competitor and EGB coach, Amanda offers Introduction to Endurance clinics, coaching for riders wanting to resolve problems when hacking and holiday accommodation for horses if you want to ride in the New Forest. 

Tilefield is going to be a venue for a Endurance GB training courses.  

Ground work Clinics

Amanda has a great deal of experience with working horses from the ground and offers dedicated ground work clinics.  This may include basic ground manners, handling for young horses, desensitisation, horse agility/handy pony, lunging, long lining and preparing horses for carriage driving.