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Franklin Ball Method & Soft Tissue Therapy Sessions for Equestrians with Clare Gangadeen

Clare, Founder of RiderCise® is a Soft Tissue Therapist, Personal Trainer and Rider of over 20 years.

With her skills, knowledge and extensive fitness industry experience, RiderCise® provides Online Rider Fitness and Conditioning Programmes, specifically designed to improve fitness, strength, mobility, stability and balance in the saddle. Clare has worked with many riders of all levels in multiple disciplines from the everyday leisure rider to the Tevis Cup and Mongolian Derby competitors across the world, helping riders become more aware and in control of their bodies to improve the way that they move with their horses and competition success.

Soft Tissue Therapy is a mixture of massage and a range of advanced techniques that manipulate the soft tissues of the body i.e. muscles, connective tissue fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints.
Why Riders need Soft Tissue Therapy
Many of us have or do suffer from some form of muscle ache, pain, and/or muscular restriction. All of which can affect the way we move and our ability to ride.
As riders, we tend to ignore these ‘niggles’ and ‘carry on’ as the body is amazing and often finds a way to cope. Short term this may be ok but long term it can not only affect our horse’s way of going but it starts to make life, in general, difficult and uncomfortable.
Rider Soft Tissue Therapy provides relief to riders who are suffering from muscular aches, pains, and/or restrictions which may be affecting the rider’s symmetry and balance in the saddle or their ability to move with the horse and provide clear effective aids.
Some common issues riders experience:
  • Not being symmetrical in the saddle
  • Can’t stay stable in the saddle during transitions
  • Struggling to provide clear leg aids
  • Difficulty keeping constant contact
  • Unable to perform lateral work equally on both sides
  • Horse showing signs of muscle atrophy or soreness through the back or hind
  • Uneven saddle flocking wear
  • Lower back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain or general aches and pains after riding
Equestrian Franklin Ball Method Sessions
As one of the few Certified and Insured Instructors in the UK for the Equestrian Franklin Ball Method, Clare will also be offering mounted sessions to help riders become more aware of not only their own movement, but also the movement of your horse.
The Franklin Method uses a variety of balls and resistance bands to provide a sensory aid which are used in conjunction with Imagery to direct the riders’ attention and create a clear focus on the riders specific issue (only feeling one seat bone, tight shoulders, forward neck, unbalanced, one leg longer/looser, uneven rein contact etc).
The 45min sessions explore any issues in your posture and/or performance that you may be experiencing and because the method offers riders immediate feedback they are able to quickly see improvements in their and their horses way of going. Online Rider Specific Training Programmes will also be available to those who would like further improve any rider weakness or imbalances that they may uncover.