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Saturday 30 March 2019 Zero Balance Point and Breath with Claire Pier 1.30 - 4.30pm

Zero Balance Point refers to “Internal order and clarity”. In order to be an effective rider and build a clear feedback loop with our horse, we need to have a clear picture of how our physical patterns of alignment and movement affect our relationship. If there is any confusion here, we can end up with reactions that are unfavorable for both our self and our horse. This can be frustrating and dangerous.

The clearer we become and the more refined our understanding of the subtle body language cues we give, the more trust we build in our horse/rider relationship. This lack of clarity can be the limiting factor which prevents both parties from fulfilling their potential either through fear or injury or both. Reducing our impact on our horses stress levels must begin with us taking personal responsibility for our own mind/body signals.

But how do we do this?

This three hour long workshop at Tilefield Barn with Movement Analyst Expert Claire Pier will introduce you to clear alignment and movement coordinates that you can apply straight away to your dismounted and mounted relationship with your horse.

Bringing a more purposeful and aware connection between the body language patterns that take us towards and away from “stress” and “anxiety”. We will look at alignment and breathing strategies that can calm us down and help reduce a potentially escalating problem. You will also take away a much clearer picture in your own mind/body about “good alignment” and sound movement patterns that develop an intelligent core and release unneccessary “bracing and over-recruitment patterns” This workshop is suitable for riders of all levels who are looking to truly understand the physical aspect of rider movement mechanics and how this influences a sound mind/body connection to your horse.

The cost is £35, click on the link below for bookings



Saturday 11 May 2019 Pro-Prio Groundwork Clinic with Heidi Nielsen

I am really delighted that Heidi Nielsen is travelling over from Denmark for an evening talk on 10 May and day clinic on 11 May at Tilefield Equestrian. These events are aimed at all horse owners as well as professionals involved in all modalities of equine bodywork and dentistry.  Heidi has an incredible range of skills; she is a qualified Vet and Equine Dentist as well as being a qualified in chiropractic, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and Alexander technique for horses. She is author of the book ProPrio Training – Effective physiotherapy training for horses and riders at all levels.

In the process of blending together these skills, ProPrio-Training was developed.  Proprioception is our sense of movement and PrioPrio-Training is a type of sensory motor training that involves all of the horse’s senses.  The unique aspect of ProPrio-Training work is the equipment used; the horse moves on and over squares, rectangular poles and triangular “matresses” made from soft foam.  This gives a huge variety of exercises that can be set up and each is tailored to the needs of your horse.

As a vet and body worker Heidi was frustrated that horses frequently suffer from injuries and pain. Often problems reoccur making rehabilitation back into full work a difficult and time consuming process. ProPrio-Training was designed to overcome these common problems.  The work is specifically designed to strengthen the connection between the brain and the body and to improve posture, balance and coordination. Without good posture and a strong core the horse’s body is overloaded a little bit with every step he takes and get injured will sooner or later.  This work strengthens the horse’s core as well as the important multifidus muscle along the spine. 

As a vet who is passionate about dentistry I think it very unlikely that our clinic will go by without discussing Heidi’s work with the Nordic Collage of Equine Dentistry.   Good dentistry is extremely important to ensure that the horse is chewing correctly, this is essential for the mobility of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which in turn is crucial for the horse’s balance. This is how dentistry, body work and proprioception work is all connected.

We will have the full range of ProPrio equipment available for our clinic with Heidi, participants are welcome with or without horses, those bringing horses will be working morning and afternoon in the arena with Heidi and there will be dismounted sessions in the training room during the day as well. 


Thurs 10 - Sat 12 October 2019 Aibado: The Way of Blending with Horses with Mark Rashid

3 day unmounted Aibado (Aikido) Workshop

The focus of the workshop is the development of self confidence, creation of openings and connections with one’s self and with others (human or horse). In addition, you will learn easy ways for riders to get in shape and stay in shape, the development of feel between partners, overall self protection during a fall or during an attack and the overall improvement of feel, timing, blending, balance and breathing.

Goals: Give participants ideas on how to start taking care of their own bodies, work with their core, give them experiences that they may not have done before as well as help develop a quiet mind. Learn how to deal with situations that are not common in daily life.

Cross Fit: exercises designed to get participants started on simple ways to get fit and maintain fitness.

Aikido: a martial art we will be using to help participants learn how to move and work with their core with a partner. Along with aikido exercises and techniques we will be learning how to roll and fall. Learning how to fall and roll properly can help decrease or eliminate the fear of falling off of our horses, and create more confidence. It also helps decrease the likelihood or severe injury from a fall.

Self defense and randori (working in a group) practice are both designed to help build confidence in a person’s own skills, and learn to respond to a situation calmly instead of panicking. These intersect with horsemanship by showing rider’s how to develop a thinking/quiet mind that responds properly not only when things are going well, but when they are not going well. The more prepared we are for things that could go wrong, the less tendency they have to go wrong. The more confident and prepared we are, the less we fear.

You don’t need to have any background in martial arts. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing or a gi if you have it.

This is a fairly physical workshop but everything we do will be at a pace that each person is comfortable with, as well as having safety as a priority. 

Price £395 (3 half days)

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