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Directions to Arena and Barn at Tilefield

The postcode is an indication only, there is no exact postcode for the Arena so please follow written instructions. The entrance to the Arena and Barn is 1/3 mile south of the railway crossing at  Brockenhurst. The entrance to the arena is directly off the A337 at a lay-by where you will see a white Brockenhurst village sign.  The entrance is on the right if you are coming from Brockenhurst (the north).  Its much safer to turn into the entrance approaching from the south so, if you are coming from the Brockenhurst/Lyndhurst direction drive past the entrance to the arena and turn around in the large lay-by on the left just 50m past the arena and come back down the hill.

The entrance is clearly to fields and an arena, DO NOT DRIVE INTO A HOUSE DRIVEWAY AS THIS IS THE WRONG PLACE. 


Tilefield, Tilebarn Lane, Brockenhurst, Hants, SO42 7UE



+44 7710 042540
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