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Which Rehabilitation Exercise Should I Choose & Why? Part 1

What will you get out of this webinar:

  • An understanding that corrective exercises are part of a bigger picture that considers the whole horse.  The webinar will discuss the overall health of your horse and look at how success with your ridden work is part of a bigger, holistic picture 
  • The webinar will look at warning signs for discomfort and so that you can identify potential problems before they develop into more serious injuries and give you some ideas as to how to reduce time lost due to physical discomfort and poor performance
  • A clear review of anatomy that considers the bones, muscles, fascia, nervous system and organs
  • A clear link between rehabilitation exercises and the effect on different parts of the body
  • Many videos clearly illustrating how to do different exercises 
  • Detail of pole work exercises, how to set them up and how to know if your poles are the right distance apart
  • An explanation of why your warm up and cool down is so important
  • Detailed explanation of case studies so that you can see how to put exercises together for best effect
  • Many scientific references to support the information given in the webinar

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