Webinar: The Confident Rider

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The Confident Rider - January 28 at 7.30pm

Webinars are with Amanda and are held for small groups on Zoom.

During these times of lockdown and restriction its really easy to become less confident about many aspects of our lives, including our riding.  Its the aim of this webinar to pull together a wide range of a different resources to help you with your confidence and to give you all sorts of ideas about where to turn to work on this really important aspect of your riding.  Whether you are someone who feels anxious about riding, has a specific area that is challenging, wants take on something new or wants to prepare for the competition season, there will be fresh and practical ideas in this webinar for you. 

The content will primarily look at the response of our body to challenges and anxiety and will explore current neuroscience, polyvagal theory, relaxation techniques and how you can learn to manage better when under pressure in order to control your mind and emotions.
 Webinars usually last about 90 minutes but that depends a little on the questions and discussion that comes up.  A great deal of information is presented during the webinar so will have access to a recording of the evening after the event.

To take part please book onto the Webinar via the Bookings page, then you will be sent a Zoom link to the email address given on your booking.  We look forward to seeing you for the webinar.