'Tallulah' the Riding Simulator

What's the benefit of a Simulator?

The better you ride the better your horse will go.


Could you progress faster with your riding goals if you’re really balanced and symmetrical in the saddle?


Would you like to improve your riding by understanding how and where you hold tension in your body so that you can make a change for the better?


If the answer is ‘YES’ then a session on the ‘Tallulah’ the Riding Simulator is for you!

The combination of Amanda’s eyes on the ground, the use of a wide variety of embodiments and images from Franklin Method Equestrian and the versatility of the simulator will give you really targeted help with your riding position, balance, symmetry and breathing in a very short space of time.


When we are riding our own horses its inevitable that we need to break off from our focus on our own body to take care of behavioural, training or movement issues presented by the horse. The simulator provides the best possible way for Amanda to work with you in isolation, this is a unique opportunity. 


There are many reasons why time spent focusing on your riding, away from the horse, can be really valuable. You can:

  • Improve your symmetry in the saddle, independent of your horse’s movement
  • Understand your own movement and restrictions better
  • Have a safe environment to make tangible improvements
  • Gain a more detailed knowledge of your anatomy and how that works dynamically
  • Build your confidence
  • Get back in the saddle if your horse is in rehab or you don’t currently have a horse
  • Learn to ride

Amanda is a qualified BHS and UKCC riding coach and has a variety of qualifications from Franklin Method Equestrian including Franklin Ball Certification and Pelvis Trainer Diploma.  The Franklin Method is very applicable to work with an equine simulator. Click here to find out more

Rider balance as part of the care of the ‘whole horse'

The welfare of the horse should be considered as an entire picture looking at everything from the environment, hoof and teeth balance, bodywork, behaviour, confidence and, very importantly, rider balance.  There is no point in working hard on the other factors shown on this ‘tree’ and then putting a crooked rider (yourself!) on top of your horse.  The beauty of the dressage simulator is that it can give you information you need to help your horse.