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Friday 22 March 2019 Cathy Sirett - Confidence Coach at 7pm

Complete Confidence with Cathy Sirett – Build Your Confidence to Enjoy your Life

So many people lose out on the enjoyment and passion of their horses because of confidence issues, and that doesn’t need to happen. This is a highly interactive talk which is very much focused on enabling you to become your OWN confidence coach by expanding your knowledge and skills. The talk will give you a simple framework for building your confidence that will make a real difference right away and by the by the end of the evening everyone will have their own Confidence Map, and a list of actions they can take to start building their confidence immediately.

This talk is not just for riders: Cathy’s simple steps will help anyone to increase their confidence in any walk of life.

Cathy Sirett’s background is in coaching and mentoring, learning design and delivery in the corporate world, with horses as her passion and main pastime. For the last decade Cathy has coached clients with horses and without, integrating the psychology knowledge and skills developed in the corporate world. In 2018 Cathy wrote the book so many people had been asking for: Complete Confidence, How to build the confidence you need to enjoy your life.


Wednesday 17 April 2019 Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics at 7pm

Centaur Biomechanics will be presenting some of their fascinating research on horse-saddle-rider interaction

This event is of interest to anyone who wants to optimise their riding, training and their understanding of factors which affect the welfare and performance of the ridden horse.

Riding has a dramatic effect on the soundness, performance and development of the horse. Russell runs sessions for riders of all levels to help improve the rider’s position and horse’s way of going. For more than a decade he has been working with Team GB to provide video and biomechanical analysis. 

If you have ever wondered about any of these questions then this is the talk for you:
  • Why does my horse go better on one rein than the other ?
  • How can my horse and I be more symmetrical ?
  • To what extent are problems due to the horse, the saddle or the rider?
  • How to saddles, bridles and girths put pressure on the horse and how can this be reduced?
Russell is an accomplished Dressage rider who has been placed at BD National Championships.  Previously he has showjumped to a high level and his work with the World Class Performance squad has him working with all disciplines. His sympathetic and understanding approach mean that he’s also very effective working with hobby riders and grass roots level riders.
If any Pony Club coaches wish to use this session as CPD they need to come and watch the last Rider Analysis session in the arena at 5pm. 


Friday 10 May Heidi Nielsen ProPrio Training at 7pm

Effective Physiotherapy training for horses and riders at all level. How you can improve your horse’s posture, balance and coordination

I am really delighted that Heidi Nielsen is travelling over from Denmark for an evening talk on 10 May and day clinic on 11 May at Tilefield Equestrian. These events are aimed at all horse owners as well as professionals involved in all modalities of equine bodywork and dentistry.  Heidi has an incredible range of skills; she is a qualified Vet and Equine Dentist as well as being a qualified in chiropractic, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and Alexander technique for horses. She is author of the book ProPrio Training – Effective physiotherapy training for horses and riders at all levels.

In the process of blending together these skills, ProPrio-Training was developed.  Proprioception is our sense of movement and PrioPrio-Training is a type of sensory motor training that involves all of the horse’s senses.  The unique aspect of ProPrio-Training work is the equipment used; the horse moves on and over squares, rectangular poles and triangular “matresses” made from soft foam.  This gives a huge variety of exercises that can be set up and each is tailored to the needs of your horse.

As a vet and body worker Heidi was frustrated that horses frequently suffer from injuries and pain. Often problems reoccur making rehabilitation back into full work a difficult and time consuming process. ProPrio-Training was designed to overcome these common problems.  The work is specifically designed to strengthen the connection between the brain and the body and to improve posture, balance and coordination. Without good posture and a strong core the horse’s body is overloaded a little bit with every step he takes and get injured will sooner or later.  This work strengthens the horse’s core as well as the important multifidus muscle along the spine. 

As a vet who is passionate about dentistry I think it very unlikely that our evening will go by without discussing Heidi’s work with the Nordic Collage of Equine Dentistry.   Good dentistry is extremely important to ensure that the horse is chewing correctly, this is essential for the mobility of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which in turn is crucial for the horse’s balance. This is how dentistry, body work and proprioception work is all connected.


Wednesday 22 May 2019 Cheryl Green - "From the Horse's Mouth" at 7pm

Have you ever wanted to find out what your horse has to say?


Whether you are sceptical, curious or already really positive about the idea of animal communication, here is your chance to come and find out more.  Cheryl offers a wealth of interesting contrasts; as someone having spent 3 decades in the corporate world you might not expect her to have been born with an ability to communicate with animals. 


What can Cheryl do to help you and help your horse? She can pick up, with accuracy, pain, physical stress in your horse’s body, all of this without touching them. This has proved useful to a large number of bodyworkers, dentists, farriers and even the odd, stumped vet. She can also give you feedback about your tack, rider symmetry and much, much more. Cheryl is particularly passionate about horse’s gut health and how it can positively or negatively affect a horse’s ability to do as you ask.


During the evening, Cheryl is going to talk about her experiences communicating with animals over a long period of time.  She can share with us information about common issues that come up time and again to do with nutrition, physical pain and management.  This is going to be a fascinating, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable evening, come along and join us to find out more about what your horse has to say.

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