Evening Talks


Friday 28 June 2019 Tasty Yoga with Nova at 7pm

Come and wind down for the weekend with a Friday evening Yoga session followed by very tasty food and gin and tonic!

Finally Everything You love in One Place…… Lovely yogis, amazing food and yoga (and maybe even gin)

Begin challenging your own assumptions.  Your assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.

This is a deep workshop, where we will create a space, intention and the will power to deal with the big task of releasing ourselves from preconceptions and assumptions that do not serve us.

Just as the lizard sunning himself on the rock is building the energy for the long night ahead of hunting, so in this workshop we are committing to let go of the old and unneeded, sticky and stuck, habits and thoughts, allowing us to create the external and internal world we want to see and be in.

The Practice will flow freely up, down, and side to side.  Testing your boundaries, both physical and mental.  It will be wiggly and squiggly.  And at times you may even not be on the mat.  But fear not, you will still be doing challenging yoga, just give your brain the evening off and let Nova guide you through playful flowing sequences, followed by strong Yin with some integrated pranayama’s and beautiful meditations.

Then we blend all elements of our practice together.  Every ingredient invited, as we close with some wonderful hearty and delicious surprises in our post-yoga meal.  Prepare to be nourished and roasted evenly on all sides (and to maybe even make some new friends).

About Nova

Nova has passionately devoted herself to Yoga for most of her life.  Today that unwavering commitment and focus have earned her an extensive and growing reputation as an innovative and inspirational Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. 

Nova currently runs a private Yoga Therapy practice and bespoke teacher training in London, where her clients have included many prominent people, in the fashion, music and film industry. 

She has also studies with the Cordon Vert cookery school, and believe that yoga is just another extension of the beautiful freedom experienced when we let ourselves play in the kitchen. 

“Sometimes what we make isn’t about the end product so much as the fun we had getting there, but that is not really so true with food.  Yoga, yes! Food, no!  I like to eat what I make.”


Monday 15 July 2019 An Integrated Approach to Treating the Whole Horse at 7pm

An Integrated Approach to Your Horse’s Bodywork, Hoof care, Groundwork and Coaching

Join us for a fascinating evening lecture demo with four experts providing an integrated approach to treating the ‘Whole Horse’ .

We have four experts working together during this evening talk, our goal is to give you lots of practical ideas as to how your own equine team can work together and how you can get the best out of them.  Tom Beech is a Vet and equine Osteopath, Lorraine Dearnley is a Masterson Method practitioner, Mark Bailey is an Equine Podiatrist and Amanda Barton is a Pony Club, EGB, UKCC riding coach with specialism in therapeutic groundwork.

If you want to make progress with your horse its really beneficial to take an integrated approach to address all aspects or your horse’s care alongside your riding, training and competing. If you come along to this talk you will find out:

  • Why an integrated approach is so important
  • How to tell if your horse needs bodywork
  • How different modalities of body work are complimentary to each other
  • How to recognise balance in your horse’s hooves
  • Simple groundwork and ridden exercises that improve your horse’s wellbeing so that he gets stronger and sounder
  • How riding coaches can work together with your equine team for the benefit of you and your horse

For first part of the evening, we will be discussing topical issues in the training room and then we will split into small groups and work with horses to discuss the topics of Osteopathy, Masterson Method, hoof trim, hoof balance and therapeutic exercises and coaching in more detail.  There will be plenty of time to answer your questions so please bring them along with you!


Saturday 22 June - EQUICULTURE talk on Sustainable Horse Keeping with Stuart and Jane Myers at 4pm

EQUICULTURE talk with Stuart and Jane Myers MSc (Equine) (international speakers on the subject of Sustainable Horse Keeping).

THE TALK: This talk is for all levels of horse owners. Including owners that keep their horse/s on their own land and at livery. It is about how you can make small or large changes in horse management that both improve your horse’s ‘lifestyle’ and in turn, your lifestyle. A true win-win situation.

These are JUST SOME of the things you will learn about:
• The differences between the free-living (wild/feral) equine ‘lifestyle’ and the domestic equine ‘lifestyle’.
• Domestic grazing behaviour and how it affects equine management.
• The essential things that you need to know about pasture and grasses.
• How to become a desirable land manager/custodian (and therefore be more likely to be considered for leasing land or improve your chances of getting any potential development plans passed).
• Essential information about equines and obesity.
• How you can make changes to your horse management regime that will improve welfare, reduce costs, reduce your workload AND be good for the land all at the same time.
• All about THE EQUICENTRAL SYSTEM (a horse welfare/good environmental management horse and land care system that is a win-win all round).
• And lots more…

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Light refreshments and BBQ meal are provided. You may want to bring a notepad and pen. Stuart and Jane’s books are available for sale on the day, so if you prefer to just listen you might prefer to buy a book instead (but you certainly will not be pressured into buying books). Check out this page www.equiculture.net/the-equicentral-system-books

TIMES: Starts 4pm prompt (registration from 3.30pm), finishes at 9pm approx.

WHERE? Tilefield, Tilebarn Lane, Brockenhurst, Hants, SO42 7UE

COST: £40.00 per person (including BBQ and refreshments).

FURTHER INFO: For more information about Stuart and Jane look at their website www.equiculture.net

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