Evening Talks

Spotlight on the Rider's Shoulders with Amanda Barton on 7 February at 7 - 9pm

Virtually everyone has some tension, pain or restricted movement in their shoulders due to poor shoulder posture or injury.

Shoulder tension matters to our horses because shoulders are facially connected to your hands (and therefore your horse’s mouth) and to your pelvis which hugely influences your balance and weight distribution in the saddle. To put it simply; Shoulder problems = horse performance problems. 

But shoulder pain and tension is NOT a ‘life sentence’ and with a bit of anatomical understanding and some simple exercises it is possible to bring relaxation and ease to your shoulders. 

Its the goal of this Evening talk for you to walk away with more comfortable shoulders and to know what you did and how to do this again before you next ride.

This is a fun, practical and interactive evening talk which will also use Tallulah, the Racewood Dressage Simulator, to allow some participants to try out mounted exercises during the evening.

Introduction to Endurance with Amanda Barton on 8 March at 7 - 9pm

  • Do you enjoy riding in the countryside?
  • Would you like to ride in beautiful new areas?
  • Would you enjoy a day out with your horse and with friends?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES! then Endurance could be the sport for you.

This talk is all about the grassroots levels of the sport so if you can ride at a local fun or hunt ride then you would be able to take part in a novice Endurance ride.

Come along and find out what’s involved. You will learn how you enter your first ride, what you do on the day, how to get your horse ‘vetted’ and what sort of preparation you need to do in advance. You can ask any questions and go away with all the information you need to give it a go.

We are very lucky to have the Riding Club Endurance Championships at Tenantry Farm, Rockbourne this year so it’s the perfect opportunity to put together team for your riding club or Pony Club.  Find out about BRC Endurance at the talk and how to get involved. You don’t even need to find a whole team from your own club, its possible to combine together with other clubs to form a team and still compete at Champs.

Amanda Barton has been competing in endurance for 20 years. She is on the Pony Club national and local EGB group Committees and has been introducing people to endurance since the day she discovered this fantastic sport. Amanda works with local riding clubs and Pony Clubs to support teams attending local rides and championships.

Introduction to TREC with Karen Butt on 16 March at 7 - 9pm

TREC is a sport that develops and tests the horse and rider’s partnership for riding out in unfamiliar (usually beautiful) places. 

In this evening talk we’ll look at the 3 phases of TREC: orienteering, obstacles and controlled paces. We’ll explore the equipment you might need, get to understand the rules and even do a little bit of map reading from the safety of the classroom! We will cover everything you need to get you started in this fun and friendly sport.

Karen Butt is a qualified TREC GB judge who regularly runs training sessions on how to ride the TREC obstacles. She is Chair of TREC Southwest which covers the area of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Karen is now in her 7th year of competing in TREC having started with her 5 year old North American Curly mare Elle and they have grown in the sport together. They compete at local and national level.

Karen loves all things TREC – come and find out why!

Tickets at: https://www.tilefieldequestrian.com/bookings/Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/5763147300438112

Spotlight on the Rider's Breathing with Amanda Barton on 22 March

The way humans breathe when they are sitting on top of a horse is VERY important so it’s a bit of a problem that 95% of us don’t breathe very well at any time, let alone when we are riding. Poor breathing causes tension in our bodies and we can’t ride in a balanced, harmonious and symmetrical way when we are tight. Horses are really sensitive creatures so they are can pick up immediately when our breathing is shallow and this can cause them to engage their flight or fight systems which can trigger anxiety in the rider.

Come along to this talk and find out how to breathe! Its all very well to be told to breathe better but HOW??!! We will look at some anatomy to do with this, you will see how good breathing is connected to the whole body, we’ll do so practical exercises and demos based on the work of Mark Rashid and the Franklin Method as well as working on breathing in some fun ways on Tallulah with will give you a chance to have a go on the simulator if you would like.

Its my hope that you will come along to this talk and leave knowing how to breath better, how to improving this going forward and and how this ‘simple’ thing (that’s not always easy!) can really change your life.

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Navigating the Challenges of Spring on Your Horse’s Hooves and Health with Tom Beech and Mark Bailey on 12 April at 7pm

Most horse owners are aware of laminitis, but the signs of low-grade laminitis often creep under the radar, manifesting as poor performance due to inflamed feet. In this talk with Mark Bailey of Inside-Out Hoofcare, learn to notice the signs, and how to manage your equine, when low-grade laminitis occurs.

Its not just laminitis that challenges us as horse owners during the Spring. As the weather, daylight hours and grass changes this has a significant impact on the digestive system which impacts the whole gut. The gut then has a huge impact on the overall health of the horse and understanding the relationship between health, the gut, the whole body and performance will be the focus of Tom Beech’s talk. He will be showing you how interconnected the whole body is.

Tom Beech, The Osteopathic Vet, is a Veterinary Surgeon and qualified Equine Osteopath .
Mark Bailey is an Equine Podiatrist specialising in a barefoot approach to performance and rehabilitation.

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