Evening Talks

7 Steps to a Healthy Gut and a Happy Horse with Marion Watt

Will be rescheduled to 2021

In this Evening Talk Marion Watt will review of the structure and function of the horse’s gut to aid understanding of dysfunction and it’s effect on health, soundness and performance of your horse

Explore seven steps to healing the gut lining, creating a more robust microbiome and a happier horse.

Marion Watt grew up on a farm surrounded by animals from an early age. She currently competes at Prix St George level dressage and 3* level Eventing. She also competes in British Showjumping and has previously done some endurance, team chased to National Championships levels and done a full range of Riding Club activities.

She has a passion for helping people and horses. 4 of the horses she currently competes were given to her for rehabilitation due to serious injuries/issues. She qualified as a therapist in 2004 and has been acutely aware of the impact the gut has on health and performance in people and in horses. One of her homebred horses has had a long history of gut issues and her determination to find resolution has kept her close to the latest developments in understanding and improving gut health. She is keen to share her learnings with others to improve the welfare of our four legged friends.

We will be raising money for the local RDA group at this talk. The cost is £7.50

Fascinating Fascia with Liza Kimble

Will be rescheduled to 2021

Fascia is a crucial, but often neglected, network with our bodies. It could be described as the “internet of the body”. The fascia is involved with sending signals around the body and with the lymphatic system, digestion, organs, skin and hair.

Trauma and stress affect the functioning of this system and very often we get stuck in holding patterns which then create chronic pain and discomfort. During this evening you will learn some hands on self-release techniques to overcome this which are simple to learn and have incredibly powerful results.

Liza Kimble lives in South Africa and is a recognised expert in fascia and has been working alongside the founders of the most recent fascia research. She also practices a wide range of different bodywork modalities including: Laser Acupuncture, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Sports and Holistic and Swedish Massage techniques, Trigger Point therapy, Muscle Activation, Lynotherapy and Trauma Release Exercises.

Liza will be speaking about the effects of trauma on fascia and the fascial system and how to overcome the very specific holding patterns we have in both our and our horse’s bodies. Riders have many compensation patterns in their body that, in turn, affect their horse’s fascia and overall wellbeing.

Liza will also be talking about how pain is in the brain with the latest pain research from Dr Lorimer Moseley, will give us a demo of muscle activation and will talk about neurogenic tremoring (TRE).

If you want to find out more about Liza Kimble you can find more information at her website at http://www.lizakimble.com/about-liza.html

Ticket price £7.50

The Masterson Method Demonstration Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork with Vicky Devlin

Will be rescheduled to 2021

What’s the benefit of the Masterson Method for you?
Improve your relationship and communication with your horse
Help your horse to be more relaxed and comfortable
Achieve your potential by helping your horse to overcome physical limitations

During The Masterson Method Demo, Jim Masterson will show you how The Method helps to improve performance, communication and relationship with your horse. Anyone is welcome and you don’t need to have any previous experience in body work to take part!

Come get a taste of this incredible method of bodywork.
 Jim will explain how to recognize what the
 horse is telling you through visual and palpable responses. Then, in the demonstration, Jim will show you how these responses enable you to get deep releases of tension in the horse. This is a truly interactive process that results in a change in relationship, and an improvement in movement and performance.

This demonstration is open to anyone and everyone, of all disciplines, that has interest in learning how to help your horse feel better and to develop an even deeper bond with your horse in the process. Come out and enjoy.

For those who want MORE….

There are limited places for this demo so book early to avoid disappointment. 
Price £15

"Where does my horse hurt?" with Dr Renee Tucker

Will be rescheduled to 2021

One of the most frustrating things many horse owners face is not knowing how to help their horse. Is the problem is physical, behavioural or related to performance? Do you call the vet? Trainer? Farrier? Psychic? Do you need a new saddle, training video, feed change or titanium shoes? Where can you go to solve the mystery? If you want to know the most holistic, true-to-nature, and healthy solutions for your horse … welcome.

Abour Dr Renee Tucker
Dr. Renee Tucker has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and has specialized in equine acupuncture and chiropractic for the last 20 years. She is the author of “Where Does My Horse Hurt”, an Amazon Equine Medicine Best-Seller since its release in 2011. “How things work” has always been a question that Dr. Tucker has tried to answer and prior to receiving her veterinary degree, she received a degree in Bioengineering.

This unique combination of veterinarian and engineer has enabled her to create a special approach for helping owners with their horses. Over many years, Dr. Tucker developed her own unique alignment technique, Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT). TBT not only aligns the skeleton, but also goes deep to treat the underlying primary causes.

What will I learn at this demo?
During this demo Renee will demonstrate the TBT equine body checkups and talk about body asymmetries and the common compensation layers. Most problems that we can see on the horse, or feel when riding, are compensations. They are NOT the primary problem. Renee will demonstrate her work with one or two horses.

Expect straight talking during the evening. “I love horses and want to help as many as possible.
No BS. I believe horse owners are intelligent and love discovering how to better help their horses. I’m not going to talk to you like you’re an idiot.”

Renee says that she is sick of meeting horse owners in distress because they’ve been trying and trying to help their horse and can’t get to the bottom of the issue. ” My mission is get useful horse information (not medical gobbledegook) out there for everyone.” She says.
Quite simply, my greatest desire is to help you help your horse.”  Ticket Price £7.50