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Webinar: Getting Fit for Endurance

Tips to get your horse fit for endurance


Webinar: Fascinating Fascia with Liza Kimble

Find out about fascial connections & how to work with fascia with horses


Webinar: Which Rehabilitation Exercises Should I Choose and Why? Part 1


Webinar: The Confident Rider

Learn and practice a wide range of skills to build your confidence in the saddle


Webinar: The Horse Brain and Behaviour Part 2

Polyvagal Theory and the science of shutdown


Webinar: The Horse Brain and Behaviour Part 3

Neuroplasticity & the science of learning


Webinar: The Horse Brain and Behaviour Part 1

The sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system


Webinar: Straightforward Symmetry

Understand asymmetry & how to improve balance

Webinar: Which Rehabilitation Exercises Should I Choose and Why? Part 2

About Tilefield Webinars

Webinars are with Amanda and are held for small groups on Zoom.  There will be a detailed, interactive presentation based on the most recent research to do with the chosen topic.  Throughout the talk participants are welcome to ask questions and take part in quizzes as we go along.  Webinars usually last about 90 minutes.  As a lot of information is presented during the webinar you will have access to a recording of the evening after the event.  Have a look at the testimonials below if you would like to find out what to expect. 

Testimonials from participants

“Amanda’s webinars are excellent. Each topic is carefully and widely researched, then very clearly presented, both visually and orally. Other professionals’ work and ideas are always credited and contextualised, so it is easy to follow up on anything in more detail if you want to do so later. There are opportunities for questions and clarification too. I recommend without hesitation as a high quality, informative and thought-provoking experience. Very practical too!”

“I have attended 2 webinars so far by Amanda and they are truly inspiring. The first on softness was stuffed full of information, humour and much food for thought. Being able to rewatch the presentation which she carefully recorded and made available is all included in the price and some two weeks later I am still revisiting it! The tree was particularly helpful in bringing together so much information from many sources and contexts. The journey towards a willing availability both mentally and physically as we work with our horses explored so much more than technique. The next webinar on straightness sent the participants away with detailed observation tips to work out your own horses asymmetry and then some simple practical ways for the rider and handler to incorporate this into everyday situations. The ability to watch and re-watch is really valuable to be able to squeeze the most out of this valuable resource. Sign me up! I’ll be back!”

“These Webinars are wonderful.  Amanda shares so much knowledge based on science, research and through working with some of the worlds best horsemen and women. This, mixed with humour and the love of the horse, makes for a lovely evening of learning and sharing.”

“Amanda has a gift for this. The webinars are excellent. The audience is considered, the information is simple and clear, the pace is good, the slides clear and the structure worked so well with the anatomy first then going into more detail. I also loved the way people felt so relaxed and engaged. Thank you!