Softness and Connection Clinics - based on the work of Mark Rashid

Who is Mark Rashid?

Does your horse ever bump or barge into you? Would you like to pick up the reins, or use your leg, and feel a soft response when you want it, rather than in your horse’s own good time? Are there times when you would like to improve the connection and communication between the two of you? If the answer to any of these questions is YES then read on!

The topic of this clinic is softness in all aspects of your work with your horse; on the ground, in the saddle or on long lines. It may be some basic movements that you want to improve and find more softness or more advanced ones such as lateral work. It does not matter, softness applies to absolutely everything you do with your horse. 
These private 1 hour sessions at Tilefield are tailored to your specific needs and can cover any topic, on the ground or in the saddle.

What is Amanda’s connection to Mark?


What are the core principles of this work?

What should I expect from this clinic?