Amanda Barton Clinic on 24 May - DEPOSIT £25


Amanda Barton Clinic on 24 May – DEPOSIT £25




This is a clinic at Tilefield Equestrian where you can tailor your sessions to your exact needs.  All disciplines can be catered for; dressage, jumping, young horses, groundwork, rehab work, pole work, endurance horses, confidence issues (even gaited horses!).  Private or semi private sessions, safe stabling provided for your horses so that they can stay all day.  We will start the day at 9am with a breakfast meeting so that we can discuss goals for the day and then ride after that.  You will be able to ride both morning and afternoon and the sessions will be structured so that you can get the best out of your time, depending on what you want to work on.  There will be a dismounted session after lunch which will be tailored to your needs and areas of interest.

£100 including lunch – 9am – 5pm



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