An Integrated Approach to Treating the Whole Horse - Monday 15 July at 7pm


An Integrated Approach to Treating the Whole Horse – Monday 15 July at 7pm




An Integrated Approach to treating the Whole Horse: Equine Bodywork, Hoof care, Groundwork and Coaching
Monday July 15 at 7pm  to 9pm

Join us for a fascinating evening lecture demo with four experts providing an integrated approach to treating the ‘Whole Horse’ .

We have four experts working together during this evening talk, our goal is to give you lots of practical ideas as to how your own equine team can work together and how you can get the best out of them.  Tom Beech is a Vet and equine Osteopath, Lorraine Dearnley is a Masterson Method practitioner, Mark Bailey is an Equine Podiatrist and Amanda Barton is a Pony Club, EGB, UKCC riding coach with specialism in therapeutic groundwork.

If you want to make progress with your horse its really beneficial to take an integrated approach to address all aspects or your horse’s care alongside your riding, training and competing. If you come along to this talk you will find out:

  • Why an integrated approach is so important
  • How to tell if your horse needs bodywork
  • How different modalities of body work are complimentary to each other
  • How to recognise balance in your horse’s hooves
  • Simple groundwork and ridden exercises that improve your horse’s wellbeing so that he gets stronger and sounder
  • How riding coaches can work together with your equine team for the benefit of you and your horse

For first part of the evening, we will be discussing topical issues in the training room and then we will split into small groups and work with horses to discuss the topics of Osteopathy, Masterson Method, hoof trim, hoof balance and therapeutic exercises and coaching in more detail.  There will be plenty of time to answer your questions so please bring them along with you!

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