Cheryl Green Evening Talk "From the Horse's Mouth" 22 May 2019


    Cheryl Green Evening Talk “From the Horse’s Mouth” 22 May 2019




    “From the Horse’s Mouth”

    Whether you are sceptical, curious or already really positive about the idea of animal communication, here is your chance to come and find out more.  Cheryl offers a wealth of interesting contrasts; as someone having spent 3 decades in the corporate world you might not expect her to have been born with an ability to communicate with animals.


    What can Cheryl do to help you and help your horse? She can pick up, with accuracy, pain, physical stress in your horse’s body, all of this without touching them. This has proved useful to a large number of bodyworkers, dentists, farriers and even the odd, stumped vet. She can also give you feedback about your tack, rider symmetry and much, much more. Cheryl is particularly passionate about horse’s gut health and how it can positively or negatively affect a horse’s ability to do as you ask.


    During the evening, Cheryl is going to talk about her experiences communicating with animals over a long period of time.  She can share with us information about common issues that come up time and again to do with nutrition, physical pain and management.  This is going to be a fascinating, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable evening, come along and join us to find out more about what your horse has to say.


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