Claire Pier Afternoon Workshop – Monday 11 May




    About Claire:

    Claire is a Movement Analyst who has built up her own body of work influenced by her qualifications in Pilates and Felderkrais, among other bodywork methods.

    She teaches clients from all walks of life and ability levels. From sedentary people who have never trained their physical intelligence to elite athletes, gymnasts, dancers, horse riders and Cirque Du Soleil performer acrobats.

    Because we are in a physical body, we are all bound by limitations. This is a good thing, it gives us boundaries, structure and responsibility to remain humble and curious about ourselves. The aim of this class is to show you sound movement principles  in a way that they can integrate and use in your life and your riding.

    The classes aims to extend beyond the mat. There are 168 hours in a week and you are at a class for very few of these hours. It is Claire’s aim to give you tools so that you can be in your body and “think in action”.


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