Evening Talk: 7 Steps to Healthy Gut and a Happy Horse – will be rescheduled




In this evening talk at 7pm until 9am, Marion Watt will review of the structure and function of the horse’s gut to aid understanding of dysfunction and it’s effect on health, soundness and performance of your horse

Explore ten steps to healing the gut lining, creating a more robust microbiome and a happier horse.

Marion Watt grew up on a farm surrounded by animals from an early age. She currently competes at Prix St George level dressage and 3* level Eventing. She also competes in British Showjumping and has previously done some endurance, team chased to National Championships levels and done a full range of Riding Club activities.

She has a passion for helping people and horses. 4 of the horses she currently competes were given to her for rehabilitation due to serious injuries/issues. She qualified as a therapist in 2004 and has been acutely aware of the impact the gut has on health and performance in people and in horses. One of her homebred horses has had a long history of gut issues and her determination to find resolution has kept her close to the latest developments in understanding and improving gut health. She is keen to share her learnings with others to improve the welfare of our four legged friends.

We will be raising money for the local RDA group at this talk.


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