Evening Talk: Balance Through Movement Method™ with Yasmin Stuart on 19 June at 7pm



Balance Through Movement MethodTM: A Revolution in Equine Lameness Prevention with Yasmin Stuart

On Monday 19 June at 7pm

Balance Through Movement Method ™ is Celeste Lazaris’s signature performance development training system designed to help the horse achieve optimum balance and strength through the specific development of the body and more importantly, the mind.

The primary focus is toning the nervous system, developing the body through supporting spinal integrity and subsequently, protecting the body from nerve compressions. The system is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition as it can be very successful in reprogramming of the body’s compensatory patterns through proprioceptive work and vagal nerve exercises.

During this evening talk Yasmin Stuart will talk about Celeste Lazaris’s training system, outlining three central pillars which underly the work: Relationship to Connection, Centre of Balance and Spinal Integrity. Topics discussed will include the horse’s emotional regulation, proper weight distribution, the thoracic sling, nerve compression and the correct alignment of the spine.

Yasmin Stuart is an Equine Physiotherapist and Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner based in the UK. She is particularly passionate about the relationship between manual therapy and


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