Complete Confidence Talk on 22 March 2019


Complete Confidence Talk on 22 March 2019




So many people lose out on the enjoyment and passion of their horses because of confidence issues, and that doesn’t need to happen. This is a highly interactive talk which is very much focused on enabling you to become your OWN confidence coach by expanding your knowledge and skills. The talk will give you a simple framework for building your confidence that will make a real difference right away and by the by the end of the evening everyone will have their own Confidence Map, and a list of actions they can take to start building their confidence immediately.

This talk is not just for riders: Cathy’s simple steps will help anyone to increase their confidence in any walk of life.

Cathy Sirett’s background is in coaching and mentoring, learning design and delivery in the corporate world, with horses as her passion and main pastime. For the last decade Cathy has coached clients with horses and without, integrating the psychology knowledge and skills developed in the corporate world. In 2018 Cathy wrote the book so many people had been asking for: Complete Confidence, How to build the confidence you need to enjoy your life.


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