Evening Talk: Demystifying the Rider’s “Core” on 8 June at 7pm



Most riders have, at some time or another, been given the instruction by a riding coach to “engage your core!”.  Riders have many different interpretations of this instruction.  There are even many different definitions of what the core actually is and this leaves some people feeling confused or even disheartened.

This evening is all about explaining what is meant by the “core” and learning how to use this effectively to make yourself more stable in the saddle with the help of Tallulah the Racewood Dressage Simulator at Tilefield Equestrian.  We will look at some anatomy to do with the challenge of supporting our upright back and how nature has found a solution to this challenge.  This will be a really practical evening with lots of dismounted exercises as well as the opportunity for some participants to have a go on the simulator to illustrate points and demonstrate exercises that you can do on your own pony.

You will go away from this talk with a better understanding of the function of your core, what it is and you will have plenty of exercises to try when you next ride.


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