Evening Talk: Elsa Sinclair Freedom Based Training on 19 July 2023 at 7pm



During this evening talk you will get an introduction to Elsa’s work, have a chance to find out more about her film projects and, if weather and horses allow, we may also be able to include a demo. The evening talk is taking place the evening before a 2 day clinic at the same venue and the talk will work well as an introduction to the clinic if you are planning to join for the weekend or as a stand alone introduction.

Elsa first became known around the world about 10 years ago when she spent a year experimenting with her training of a wild mustang, Myrnah, to see if it was possible to ride a wild horse without using any tools or force during the training process.
“What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Without force or tools to control, and without bribes to lure them?”

During her year of experimental training with Myrnah, Elsa says that she learned more about horses and about herself than in all her 25 years of prior equine experience.

Elsa made a film about the project called “Taming Wild” and this led to her teaching clinics around the world and to a specialized program called Freedom Based Training® to help pass on what she learnt to students.

Time: 7pm until 9pm
Bookings at https://www.tilefieldequestrian.com/bookings/


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