Evening Talk – Fascinating Fascia with Liza Kimble on 7 Oct




Evening Talk – Fascinating Fascia with Liza Kimble at 7pm

Fascia is a crucial, but often neglected, network with our bodies. It could be described as the “internet of the body”. The fascia is involved with sending signals around the body and with the lymphatic system, digestion, organs, skin and hair.

Trauma and stress affect the functioning of this system and very often we get stuck in holding patterns which then create chronic pain and discomfort. During this evening you will learn some hands on self-release techniques to overcome this which are simple to learn and have incredibly powerful results.

Liza Kimble lives in South Africa and is a recognised expert in fascia and has been working alongside the founders of the most recent fascia research. She also practices a wide range of different bodywork modalities including: Laser Acupuncture, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Sports and Holistic and Swedish Massage techniques, Trigger Point therapy, Muscle Activation, Lynotherapy and Trauma Release Exercises.

Liza will be speaking about the effects of trauma on fascia and the fascial system and how to overcome the very specific holding patterns we have in both our and our horse’s bodies. Riders have many compensation patterns in their body that, in turn, affect their horse’s fascia and overall wellbeing.

Liza will also be talking about how pain is in the brain with the latest pain research from Dr Lorimer Moseley, will give us a demo of muscle activation and will talk about neurogenic tremoring (TRE).

If you want to find out more about Liza Kimble you can find more information at her website at http://www.lizakimble.com/about-liza.html

Ticket price £7.50
Booking for the evening online at https://www.tilefieldequestrian.com/bookings/


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