Evening Talk: Is my Horse’s Bit Comfortable? With Olivia Turner on 12 April



Title: Evening Talk: Is my Horse’s Bit Comfortable? A Behavioural Approach to Bits and Bitting with Olivia Turner on 12 April at 7pm

Are you comfortable that you have found the best bit possible for your horse?  Does he ever open his mouth, play with the bit, suck it up into his mouth or put out his tongue? Have you ever wondered why?  This evening talk is your chance to find out more as Olivia Turner will be talking about current research and science in bit fitting alongside our horse’s behaviour in relation to the bit.

Olivia Turner has a degree in Equine Behaviour and post-graduate qualifications in bit and bridle fitting. She is currently a guest lecturer in behaviour and lorinery science at The Open College of Equine Studies, IF3E: Institut de Formation à L’Ergonomie des Equipments Equins (French tack fitting training institution) and previously lectured for The European School of Osteopathy and Animal Osteopathy International. She has also written articles for Your Horse and Endurance GB magazines and visits clients all across the UK.

Olivia is passionate about the welfare and comfort of the horse and this is even more important when considering what bit to use and resolving any problems. She takes a holistic approach to bit fitting by looking at the horse’s body language and ridden behaviour to assess what’s going on, as well as considering the anatomy of the horse’s mouth and the needs of the rider.

This evening talk will focus on the science of how bits work and will look at different types of bits. Olivia will also talk about behaviour problems that can be linked to bitting issues and some ways in which these can be resolved.  This talk is a great fit for the focus on welfare at Tilefield Equestrian as it offers the unique combination of a fully qualified behaviourist along with a qualified bit and bridle fitter.


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