Evening Talk: The Masterson Method Demonstration with Vicky Devlin on Wed 20 Sept


The Masterson Method Demonstration with Vicky Devlin: Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork
at 7pm – 9pm (approx)
What’s the benefit of the Masterson Method for you?
– Improve your relationship and communication with your horse
– Help your horse to be more relaxed and comfortable
– Achieve your potential by helping your horse to overcome physical limitations
During The Masterson Method Demo, Vicky Devlin will show you how The Method helps to improve performance, communication and relationship with your horse. Anyone is welcome and you don’t need to have any previous experience in body work to take part!
Come get a taste of this incredible method of bodywork. Vicky will explain how to recognize what the horse is telling you through visual and palpable responses. Then, in the demonstration, Vicky will show you how these responses enable you to get deep releases of tension in the horse. This is a truly interactive process that results in a change in relationship, and an improvement in movement and performance.
This demonstration is open to anyone and everyone, of all disciplines, that has interest in learning how to help your horse feel better and to develop an even deeper bond with your horse in the process. Come out and enjoy.
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There are limited places for this demo so book early to avoid disappointment.

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