Evening Talk: Treating & Training the Crooked Horse on 14 January


Evening Talk: Treating & Training the Crooked Horse on 14 January




Treating and Training the Crooked Horse on Tuesday January 14th at 7pm with Tom Beech, Lorraine Dearnley, Fiona Pim and Amanda Barton
When we talk about crookedness in relation to the horse we are normally talking about crookedness in the horse’s movement. Ideally, horses should be able to move in a straight line in a straight axis and our challenge as riders, owners and trainers is to make progress towards this ideal rather leave a problem unchanged or deteriorating.
There are many aspects to consider in treating and training the crooked horse; rider postiion, using appropriate gymnastic exercises, bodywork treatment, farriery, dentistry, saddlery and many others. We cannot cover all these topics in one talk but this evening talk will discuss a range of issues and you will go away with some practical idea as to how you can help your horse to move more symmetrically.
We have four experts working together during this evening. Tom Beech is a Vet and equine Osteopath, Lorraine Dearnley is a Masterson Method practitioner, Fiona Pim is a chiropractor qualified in Natural Balance Dentistry and Amanda Barton is a Pony Club, EGB, UKCC riding coach with specialism in therapeutic ridden and groundwork.
During the evening we will be asking the question “What is crookedness” and how does it manifest in our horses? What are the consequences for the horse and what can we do about it?
Tom and Lorraine will be talking about the implications of crooked movement from the point of view of the skeletal, muscular and fascia systems and how bodywork can help the horses.
Fiona will be talking about how Neuromuscular Dentistry can help to find answers as to why the horse’s body is out of balance. Teeth are essential for eating, but are also part of the bigger picture and can create compensatory patterns and inappropriate posture. Find out more about how the incisors, molars and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can all contribute to the posture of your horse.
Amanda will talk about the how we define straightness from the point of view of riding. What are you trying to achieve, what sort of exercises can be beneficial and how do you assess your own progression, especially during the gaps between training, bodywork or dental visits.


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