Franklin Method Riding on 18 August



Franklin Method Riding Clinic

1 hour Private arena based one-on-one sessions at Tilefield Equestrian will be focused on whatever you want to achieve with your horse and tailored to your specific needs.  You can also have these sessions on the Simulator at Tilefield. Amanda is certified to teach a variety of Franklin Method riding clinics including Franklin balls and bands.

In order to ride really well we need to be coordinated and balanced in our own bodies so that we can constantly adapt to the movement beneath us.  We also need a high level of mental focus to connect and communicate with our horses and to be aware of what is going on around us.

The Franklin Method helps enormously with this challenge is it combines anatomical explanation and embodiment with imagery to improve awareness, train the mind-body connection and produce efficient movement. Franklin Method Equestrian uses Franklin balls to improve proprioception, proprioception is our awareness of where our body parts are in relation to each other. Franklin balls can be used in many creative ways to improve a rider’s awareness of tension.  Just a few minutes work with the balls can bring about extraordinary changes and a real feeling of relaxation. Bands also provide proprioceptive feedback as well as offering resistance training for riders.  As with the balls, they can be used in a number of creative ways, each tailored to the needs of the rider.

During a session you can expect to get feedback about tension and asymmetry in the movement of your pelvis, shoulders and rib cage and go away with a clear understanding as to how this restriction affects your horse and for you to have practical steps to make lasting improvements.

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