Hacking Troubleshooting Clinic on 25 August



Hacking Trouble Shooting

1 hour Private arena based one-on-one sessions at Tilefield Equestrian will be focused on whatever you want to achieve with your horse and tailored to your specific needs.

Are you having any problems when you hack your horse?

  • Spooky or confidence issues?
  • Rider confidence issues?
  • Hard to stop and slow down?
  • Going too slowly?
  • Tripping or not going as you would like?
  • Hard to mount or to open gates?
  • Crab flies getting you both down?

I am here to help you with any of these common hacking issues. I have a wide range of experience in this area, over several decades, and its my aim to help you work quietly with horse and rider to fix whatever is underlying the issue.  We will start in the arena to think about the underlying cause of the problem.  Where appropriate and in later sessions I am happy to extend work out onto the Forest.


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