Tailor your Horse’s Fitness and/or Rehab Plan Clinic on 28 July



1 hour Private arena based one-on-one sessions at Tilefield Equestrian will be focused on whatever you want to achieve with your horse and tailored to your specific needs.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

We all want to get our horses to be fitter or moving better, no matter what their age is or whether they have suffered an injury or not.  The difference between achieving this or not is down to your plan of action.  These private sessions are about working with you to assess your horse’s current position and to work forward from there towards your own individual goal.  This might be a certain fitness level for performance or competition or efficient rehabilitation from injury.  No matter which, this clinic is about helping you to put together a tailored, understandable, specific, written plan that you can follow to help you work towards your goal with your horse.


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