The Confident Horse and Rider Clinic on 17 August



1 hour Private one-on-one sessions at Tilefield Equestrian will be focused on whatever you want to achieve with your horse and tailored to your specific needs.

What will you get out of this session?

The vast majority of us are not as confident as we would like to be in one aspect of our life or another and the same goes for our horses.  This clinic is all about giving you private, tailored help to build confidence in yourself and/or your horse so that you can achieve your goals together.  Amanda is in a unique position as both a riding coach, equine behaviourist and qualified human coach so can work with both sides of this sometimes tricky puzzle to help you to find solutions.

What could be covered in these sessions?

  • Laying down a strong foundation in young horses
  • Help with desensitisation and despooking for horses of all ages
  • An explanation of the function of the equine and human nervous system
  • Help to calm down overactive flight or fight responses
  • Help with horses that freeze
  • Building a good practice of breathing
  • Help with planning and goal setting if appropriate
  • Help with hacking problems
  • Practical exercises and homework to help reduce anxiety in the rider


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