Simulator Prices

Coaching on the Simulator

Dates for the Simulator are on the Events page. Simulator sessions are also available on all listed clinic dates. To book, select ‘Simulator & Franklin Method Session’ on the Bookings page for the session length you want.  Please conact Amanda at to confirm availability and timings. 

Pamper sessions!!
Combined Simulator and Bodywork (for you!) Workshops


When you are working on the simulator its easy for me to see, and for you to feel, that there are restrictions to the range of motion of your body. Many people experience day to day discomfort, for example in their back or shoulders, which will affect the way the horse goes.  While some of these areas of tightness will ease quickly with the help of awareness or Franklin balls or bands, some tension is longstanding and hard to change.  We offer a combined simulator and bodywork workshop to help ease out these tight spots so that you can progress faster with your riding. You will get direct feedback to see how relaxation in your body improveds yoru riding with before and after sessions on the simulator.