Sue's Rehab Diary - July 2020

By Amanda Barton

The video below is the first part of a video diary that I am making about the rehab work that I am doing with my New Forest Pony, Sue (short for Satsuma as she is fairly orange). She has been lame for several years and we have not been able to find any explanation for the lameness despite full veterinary investigations.

In April 2020, Sue, who had been running semi-feral in the New Forest National Park at the time, decided to bring herself home from the area where she had been living, quite happily, about 10km away from my house. The first I knew about it was when my friend called me to say that she was waiting for me at the cattle grid to the park at the end of our road.

Knowing this strong minded pony very well, I knew that to put her back out on the Forest would almost certainly lead to another return home and decided that it was time to try one last time to see if I could rehab her from an injury that occurred 2 years earlier.

The video link below shows the story of this rehab so far. Its far from over and has been scattered with the sorts of ups and downs. Anyone who has experienced a tricky rehabilitation will be familiar with this. I suspect that this is the first of a number of videos, depending on the eventual outcome and the time it takes to reach that outcome.

After using some body work to thoroughly check her over and to be sure that Sue was sound enough to start some in hand work I contacted Jec Ballou ( in June 2020 to ask if she would be willing to help me out to offer her experience and to select suitable exercises to help Sue.

The video gives you a bit of background about Sue and shows you the exercises that Jec chose for her during the first 4 weeks of her rehab programme. I hope that you find his useful and its my hope that it may help people who are in a similar situation.

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