Client testimonials

Lioba Jung

"I love the atmosphere Amanda creates in each clinic. Horse and rider can relax and concentrate easliy, reduce their fear of mistakes and connect better due to lower stress levels. Secondly, I admire Amanda's ability to explain things in detail so that even complex issues get broken down into small, understandable pieces and she takes the time to make absolutely sure that those pieces work before moving on to the next step. I actually think that is the fastest way to improve. And thirdly, I think Amanda is very good at discovering where the real problem lies.”

Daniela Kaemmerer

Amanda has a very sharp perception of even complex systems and a huge amount of empathy to respond to each and every rider sensitively and to actually meet them where they stand. She has a huge box of tools in her head and heart to give each rider exactly what they need and to communicate it to them in a way they understand, even way beyond the boundaries of the common riding tradiions. Staying soft is her main focus and you get a feel of that through everything she does. She is eager to learn and to be kept posted with "special cases“, so that she can help and learn more herself. And she creates a uniquely warm, relaxed atmosphere that horses, riders and spectators alike appreciate time and again. Not only is it always inspiring, it’s also always a great joy to organise and experience clinics with her'

Susanne klausner

When I leave the arena smiling after a session with Amanda, I always feel happy and proud having left my comfort zone with her help and guidance in a positive and sensitive atmosphere. I am always impressed by Amanda's horse and human knowledge and her ability to teach and bring out the best in our horse-human partnership. A great mentor, coach and teacher who has been helping me for 11 years with two horses to improve my horsemanship skills.

Pernille Snitkjær

Amanda had provided me with more tools for soft riding and problem solving tools, than anybody else in the horse world.

Neele Kühl

"Amanda is fully focused on each student and uses language that is easy to understand. I enjoy her teaching as she includes exercises on the ground for riders and spectators and teaches by asking students to visualise or feel what they want, rather than only teaching technique."

Ineke Thießen

"Amanda creates a posiitive atmosphere among the riders and spectators from the very first moment on. No matter which style of riding, which breed and level of training - Amanda accurately assesses the rider's level and goes from there. She doesn’t only teach the classical ideas but enables us to think outside the box, too. For her, there is always a soft and effective method to help the pair achieve their goals."

Martina Garske

Amanda’s way of teaching and approaching horsemanship is exactly the way I want to work with my horse. She creates an atmosphere that very much comforts both horse and rider and allows for the harmony between them to grow continuously. I especially like Amanda's lively and tangible style of correcting and helping the rider through the aid of mental pictures, stories or words. This way it’s easy to anchor the new experiences deeply in one’s body and mind and recall and build on the experiences even long after the clinic. Even as a spectator, there is so much to take home from Amanda’s clinics. All through the day you find pieces of information and thoughts to help you progress and grow. At every clinic I take pages and pages worth of notes!

Julia Melcher

Amanda leads the rider and the horse in each clinic softly beyond their boundaries and teaches them mutual trust. You catch yourself becoming braver without being reckless. You stretch yourself beyond your personal comfort zone. And you receive mental images and practical exercises that are of value even long after the clinic.

Daniela Meyer

At Amanda’s clinics I especially like the positive atmosphere. Even when things go wrong or don’t work out as planned right away, you can just relax and repeat the exercise. Also, Amanda has a sharp eye for where the problem is and has solutions for every individual rider and horse. She captures immediately where the pair stands and meets them there. Every clinic takes you another step further. But even beyond the clinics, Amanda stands by your side when there are problems and tries to help.